OvationData works with significant volumes of geophysical data, enriching the value of datasets for clients in the exploration industry.

Our geophysical data services improve workflows, so your geosciences team can focus on analysis and discovery instead of data management.

Quality assurance and data validation are key procedural elements that ensure accurate metadata and data integrity. Our geophysical specialists provide domain-specific attention to detail.

Our processing facilities include a comprehensive inventory of historical equipment and proprietary equipment to read and recover data from every type of media.

With data service projects spanning 50 countries, our team is effective with cross-border projects, often mobilizing to the client's country to perform data services.

Since 1976, we have been performing large-scale tape transcription and data recovery services for the oil and gas industry.

Tape transcription

OvationData transcribes more than 500,000 tapes and cartridges every year for oil and gas exploration companies. We are experts in re-mastering seismic data and specialise in well tape and seismic tape transcription.

Revitalising and protecting your data assets

With the most comprehensive selection of tape drives and devices, our equipment supports more than 60 years of technology. We transcribe data from historical tape media to the current industry standard media. We can copy data in any format, onto any media type and incorporate real-time quality control.

Expediting 7, 9 and 21 track tape transcription

Based on the age of 7, 9 and 21 track tape media, the data of many data repositories are at risk of becoming unreadable. We understand the value of subsurface data and replacing compromised data is often unfeasible. With our extensive inventory of tape drives and highly trained personnel, we perform precise recovery and transcription for data from legacy reel-to-reel media.
In addition to the most common legacy 7, 9 and 21 track tape media, we support a multitude of other media types.

Data conversion

Using intelligence with data conversion

Frequent technology advances in data storage have resulted in a multitude of media types for storing data. Some of these media types, and the equipment for reading the media, are fast becoming obsolete. OvationData converts your data assets from older media to newer media, ensuring longevity and accessibility.
Our skilled technicians perform data conversion processes using our extensive inventory of equipment and our propriety software to ensure the highest quality output.
The SEG data format specifications (SEG-Y, SEG-D) and the acquisition formats (2D, 3D, land, site surveys, well logs or other) contribute to cataloguing and storage decisions.

Our knowledgeable technicians assess the data for the most suitable options. Identifying and addressing cataloguing errors throughout the conversion, we improve the quality of the catalogue and the data.


Our software separates the samples to produce the best possible result from complex data.

Seismic data conversion

All seismic data formats including SEG-A, SEG-B, SEG-D, SEG-Y, RODE and TAR.

Well data conversion

All data formats including LIS, LAS, DLIS, BIT and LISTIF.

Navigation data conversion

All data formats including UKOOA, ASCII, EBCIDC and TIF.

Data duplication

Producing precision data duplication

OvationData's data duplication software and hardware facilitates bit-for-bit, direct tape copy, complete duplication, sub-setting and file selection from any media type. We are prepared to duplicate your geophysical data for a second site, joint venture sharing, disaster recovery, risk management initiatives or any other duplication purpose.

  • Bit-for-bit, byte-for-byte duplication
  • Continual 24-hour processing system
  • Quality control and validation including MD5 message digest algorithm for file comparison
  • Detailed reporting and documentation including EBCDIC header and trace processing reports

Data subsetting

Using data subsets to simplify your work process

Working with 2D and 3D seismic data sets covering large geographical areas can be difficult to navigate with efficiency. Well-defined subsets simplify the analysis activities and reduce the time required for loading and interpreting the data.
Using mapping and seismic validations, we produce precise subsets from any form of seismic data to match any project requirement. We create subsets based on in-line or cross-line ranges, shot point ranges, coordinates, polygons, or depth ranges.
Our thorough understanding of coordinate systems ensures the integrity of the data in relation to the datum and projections.

Quality control

Providing data validation and quality control

After completing data processing, we perform critical validation activities and ensure the output data is clean, correct and useful. Our approach is custom for field data and processed data.
Our quality control includes procedures for the tape, and other media, to ensure structural integrity, functionality and correct labeling.
Validation and quality control includes:

  • Tape status report for quality control pass and fail with explanation for deficiencies.
  • Summary report for each output media and file, listing total files and associated details
  • ASCII text file with the EBCDIC header for each SEG-Y file
  • Near trace and shot gathers
  • Detailed written report
  • Set of image files identifying the output media

Supported tape technology

Reel, cartridge, cassette - ½-inch

7-track reel tape - 1200 ft., 2400 ft. (200bpi, 256bpi, 512bpi, 800bpi) (read-only)
9-track reel tape - 600 ft., 1200 ft., 2400 ft, 3600ft (800bpi, 1600bpi, 3200bpi, 6250bpi)
14-track reel tape H.D.D.R. - 1200 ft., 2400 ft. (800bpi) (read-only)
3480 tape cartridge- SL, XL, XXL - 180mb, 250mb, 280mb
3490 and 3490E tape cartridge- SL, XL - 650mb, 850mb
3590 and 3590E Magstar MP tape cartridge- 10GB 20GB, 40GB
3590H Magstar MP tape cartridge- 60GB
3592 J1A (GEN 1 Jaguar) tape cartridge - 60G, 300GB
3592-(GEN 2 TS1120) 100, 500GB,700GB
3592JB (GEN 3 TS1130) - 128GB, 640GB, 1TB
3592JC (GEN 4 TS1140) - 1.6TB, 4TB
3592JD (GEN 5 TS1150) - 7TB , 10TB
9490EE cassette tape (pending)
T9940A/B cassette tape (pending B)
T11000 tape cartridge - 500GB (pending)

Cartridge, cassette - ¼-inch, 4mm, 8mm, 19mm

8-mm Exabyte cassette tape - 8200, 8500, 8700
8-mm Mammoth cassette tape - 8900, Mammoth LT
8-mm Mammoth-2 cassette tape - M2 (20GB, 40GB, 60GB)
8-mm AIT cassette - AIT-1 , AIT-2, AIT-3 (100GB), AIT-3Ex (150GB), AIT-4 200GB, AIT-5 (400GB)
8-mm AIT-Turbo cassette - AIT-1Turbo (40GB), AIT-E Turbo (20GB) (pending)
8-mm VXA cassette - VXA-1 33GB (V series tapes), VXA-2 80GB (X series tapes)
8-mm VXA-320 160GB (X series tapes) (pending)
4-mm DAT cassette tape - DDS1, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4
4-mm DAT cassette tape - DDS5 (36GB)
19-mm Sony D1 cassette tape - medium, large

Removable disc, disk, NAS

ALL USB and Firewire (1394) portable drives (Fat32, NTFS, NFS
Storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) drives, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
CD-R(OM), CD-RW Disc - 650MB, 700MB
DD-R(OM), DD-RW (double-density cd) disc - 1.3GB
PD650 rewritable optical disk cartridge - 650MB
DVD-R, DVD+R, , DVD-RW, DVD+RW recordable disc - 3.95GB, 4.7GB
DVD+R DL (double layer) 8.5GB
DVD-RAM Disc- 2.6GB , 5.2GB , 4.7GB, 9.4GB
HD DVD disc - 15GB
Blu-ray DiscTM - 25GB,50GB
UDO disk cartridge - ultra density optical - 30GB (pending)
PDD (Blu-ray) disc, PDD23, BD-ROM, BD-R - 23GB (pending)
3 ½-inch and 5 ¼-inch Floppy Disk - SS, DS, LD and HD

Removable memory - sticks, flash, jump, cards, drives

USB pen drives, flash drive, memory drive - JumpDrive, MicroVault, JetFlashA, DataTraveler
CompactFlash - CF - Types I & II - MicroDrive
Memory Stick - MS
Memory Stick PRO - MS
Multi Media Card - MMC

Other media types

1-inch 21-track reel tape - 1200 ft., 2400 ft. (356bpi, 712bpi) (read-only)
35-mm ICI-1012 terabyte reel optical tape
Analogue tape - TECHNO AM and FM (read-only)
NTCP tape cartridge - 20GB
Redwood SD-3 tape cartridge - small, medium, large
Metrum VHS RSP-2150 (VLDS) cassette tape
DLTtapTM tape cartridge - 2000, 4000, 7000, 8000, DLT1
DLTTM VS Cartirdge Tape - DLT1/VS80 (40GB), VS160 (80GB), VS1, DLT-V4 (160GB)
DLT-S4 - (3rd Generation SuperDLT- renaming product line) 800GB
Super DLTtape - SDLT1 (220/320), SLDT2 (600) tape cartridge - 110GB, 160GB, 300GB
TK tape cartridge - TK30*, TK50*, TK70*, TK85, TK87, TK88, TK89 (ComPacTape I, II, III, IIIXT, IV)
Sony DTF cassette tape - GW240S, GW730L
Sony DTF2 cassette tape - GW2-60GS, GW2-200GL (200GB)
Sony SAIT1 and SAIT2 tape cartridge - 500GB, 800GB
LTO / IBM 3580 Ultrium tape cartridge - LTO1 (100GB), LTO2 (200GB)
LTO3, LTO4 (TS2240) tape cartridge - 400GB, 800GB
19-mm Ampex DD2 DST cassette tape - small, medium, large
¼-inch ADR and ADR2 - 15GB, 25GB and 30GB, 60GB, 120GB
¼-inch 3570 Magstar MP B-format tape cartridge
¼-inch 3570 Magstar MP C-format, C-XL Format tape cartridge
¼-inch Cartridge - Mini QIC (including Irwin, Colorado, Travan, DC2xxxs,MC3xxxs)
¼-inch Cartridge - Mini QIC (including Iomega: Ditto Max, Ditto Easy, Ditto)
¼-inch Cartridge - Standard QIC (including DC6xxxs, DC9xxxs, SLR2, SLR3, SLR4, SLR5, SLR24 (SLR6), SLR7)
¼-inch Cartridge - Standard QIC SLR32 (13 GB, MLR1), SLR40, SLR50 (MLR3), SLR60,SLR75, and LR100 and SLR140 (pending)
3 ½-inch High capacity Floppy Disk - LS-120, LS-240 (SuperDisk) and HiFD-200 MB
3 ½-inch floptical disk - 21MB
3 ½-inch, 5 ¼-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch M.O., WORM, optical disk cartridge - various including IBM, Plasmon, Sony, H-P, Panasonic
12-inch optical disk cartridge - Philips LMS/Plasmon LMS 4000, 6000, 8000
5 ¼-inch Bernoulli Disk - 44, 90, 105, 150, 230 MB
Iomega JAZ Disk - 1GB,2GB
Iomega PocketZip (Clik!) Disk - 40MB
Iomega ZIP Disk - 100MB, 250MB & 750MB
Syquest disk cartridge - Ezflyer 135 & 230MB, SyJet 1.5GB, SparQ 1GB
3 ½-inch Syquest disk cartridge - SQ310 105MB, SQ327 270MB
5 ¼-inch Syquest disk cartridge - SQ400 44MB, SQ800 88MB, SQ1100 105MB,SQ2000 200MB
Multi Media Card - MMC
Secure Digital Card - SD
SmartMedia - SM (SSFDC)
xD Picture Card - xD
PCMCIA Memory Card - Types I and II
PC hard disk card - Types I and II
Documents - paper, velum film
Drawings - paper, velum film
Punched cards, microfiche, film, paper tape (input only)

Data recovery

OvationData has extensive experience and success recovering and preserving data from compromised media. After extensive research into detecting and recovering damaged data, we developed custom equipment and techniques.
Stiction (static friction) is a common consequence of tape deterioration. Stiction is the result of a chemical reaction between the magnetic oxide and the glue that binds the oxide to the polyester tape, essentially causing the glue to soften and become sticky. Stiction causes adjacent layers of tape to stick together or to stick to the heads of the tape drive.
We design and manufacture containment units for treating stiction-afflicted tapes. The units include a variable temperature control, thermal cut-out protection, air circulation fan and external temperature gauge to maintain the temperature range. Our units maintain a custom environment with precision controls for the particular level of deterioration and brand of tape.
After treating the tapes, we recover data using variable speed, tension-arm tape drives and our renowned DiplomatTM interactive transcription software. The technician reads the tape, a few records at a time while cleaning the heads when necessary.
To address tapes with skew errors, we maintain specialised tape drives with adjustable controls. The technician adjusts the skew of the read/write head manually for optimum recovery of data.

Data scanning and vectorising

We offer high-quality scanning and cataloguing services for observers logs, reports, well logs, seismic sections and maps. We have a variety of scanning equipment and can scan small format and wide format documents of any length to produce output in any standard format.
Our optical character recognition (OCR) services improve the usability of documents such as tables and core analysis data.
To increase the value of exploration files, we add vector data to the image files of well logs, maps and seismic sections.
Vector data is represented as points and lines that are geometrically and mathematically associated.

Points are stored using the point coordinates. For example, a two-dimensional point is stored as (x,y).

Lines are stored as a series of point pairs such as (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). Point pairs represent the start and end point of a line segment.

Vectorising maps
We are experienced with vectorising shot point maps, cartographic data and satellite images. Our processes include correcting existing map data. We provide output in standard ASCII, ARC shape and p/190 files (shot point maps).
Vectorising well logs
We use our Diplomat Wellman software to perform data vectorising on the digital images of well logs. With our technical knowledge of well log data, we offer manual curve tracking to supplement our software's automatic curve tracking for difficult logs. Advanced image manipulation routines ensure that the image is optimised for the tracking algorithms. The vectorising process includes the ability to depth match curves, de-spike sonic curves, splice curves to produce a composite log and other curve manipulation functions.
Our well log services include vectorising dipmeter (tadpole) data, formation tops and lithology columns.
Vectorising seismic sections
Vectorising seismic sections reconstruct the SEGY information suitably for re-processing and loading to interpretation workstations for re-evaluation using modern techniques. Ancillary data such as location information, velocity tables, field statics and elevations can all be incorporated to produce a complete data set.
Our vectorising processes include:

  • Automatic vectorising of seismic traces with options for peak tracking with clipped peak interpolation and trough tracking (full waveform vectorising)
  • Interpolation of trough values if no troughs are displayed
  • Optional trace reconstruction for poor quality displays
  • Basic processing including filtering, mute, automatic gain control (AGC), trace mixing and trace interpolation
  • SEGY file editing including full control over EBCDIC header contents, and inserting shot point and common midpoint (CMP) numbers
  • Output vectorised data to disk in SEGY format
  • Curve capture - vectorise elevations or field statics from seismic scans
  • Velocity tables - capture the stacking velocities from the seismic scans
  • Location data - geo-reference or digitise seismic shot point maps and output to UKOOA
  • Re-projection of seismic location data to a specified coordinate system
  • Insert the XY coordinates into the seismic trace headers
  • Data delivery through file transfer protocol (ftp), DVD/CD-ROM or tape

During navigation merge, we generate near-trace SEG-Y files for our technicians to complete thorough quality control checks. For additional quality control procedures and database activities, we create a CSV file with attributes from each source and streamer combination including the shotpoint number, shotpoint time, source ID, streamer ID, first arrival time, water depth and other relevant attributes.
As part of our extensive quality control procedures, we:

  • Compare the navigation data from the shotpoint location maps with the merged SEGY data
  • Analyse the water depth distribution chart for accuracy
  • Compare the data shot time with the navigation shot time
  • Evaluate the picked first arrival time with the expected direct arrival time for each streamer
  • Compare the fold of coverage map from the navigation data with the merged SEG-Y data
  • Evaluate the seismic trace in subsurface track order with the picked and expected arrival times
  • Provide a statistical analysis of the attribute file


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