Exploration ArchivesTM

Exploration Archives software suite provides tools for managing and spatially viewing your geophysical data assets.

Exploration Archives key features:

  • Manage physical data assets (tape and paper) and digital assets from one application
  • Add or edit seismic lines in one comprehensive screen
  • Preserve legacy data and rationalise digital data
  • Merge the best attributes from selected lines into one consolidated line
  • Establish your data library for access online or nearline
  • Search items using text or geographic features
  • Catalogue items and track incoming data - digital, physical, or both
  • Manage ownership and entitlements

Exploration Archives is based on an extensibility model that maintains the core code and accommodates adding custom tool sets for particular workflows.

The scalable and distributed architecture facilitates collaboration and access from anywhere in the world.

The user defined security model provides the flexibility to create multiple roles, add functions to the roles and assign roles to users.

DiplomatTM software suite

The DiplomatTM suite is a comprehensive collection of transcription, vectorising and data management software. Designed by OvationData, the Diplomat suite has been used internally to transcribe more than 3 million tapes. The Diplomat software suite is used world-wide by exploration and production companies.

  • High speed, reliable and efficient
  • Portable, modular and configurable to suit workflow requirements
  • Unrivaled data recovery from tapes afflicted with stiction
  • Generates index files for populating databases and data management systems
  • Integrated systems for operation anywhere in the world

Diplomat Copy

  • Flexible, powerful and fast data copying program
  • Displays plots onscreen while copying SEG-Y and SEG-D data
  • Extracts index information from tape headers for updating databases and data management systems

Diplomat Demux

  • Demultiplex seismic field data into trace sequential order
  • Extracts index information from tape headers for updating databases and data management systems
  • Displays data onscreen during demultiplexing for online quality control
  • SEG-A, SEG-B, SEG-C, SEG-D and non- SEG multiplexed converts to SEG-Y or SEG-D demultiplexed

Diplomat Logman

  • Interactive program for well log digital data
  • Includes features to reformat, list, edit, and extract files, curves and depth ranges

Diplomat Wellman

  • Well log vectorising and well data manipulation program
  • Tracks and vectorises scanned images of log curves with an automatic curve tracking algorithm and accommodates manual intervention
  • Includes features to edit, composite, depth shift and overlay digital data onto raster images

Diplomat Utilities

  • Multiple modules for quality control and verification of seismic and navigation data


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