Data storage

ENCORE Digital Storage Systems (DSS) is OvationData's premier solution for industries that require access to large volumes of data. Our custom solutions are scalable for changing storage needs.

Increase productivity with an uninterrupted workflow - even in a fast-paced, data intensive work environment.

Protect your data assets with automatic file copies in multiple locations and on a variety of media.

Improve your return of investment (ROI) with a central repository for file distribution and eliminate redundant storage.

Security solutions

OvationData partners with Palo Alto Networks® and FortinetTM to provide scalable next-generation firewalls with policy-based visibility and control over applications, devices, users and threats.

  • Simplify security infrastructure, gain network visibility and control access.
  • Identify the applications, the users and the types of devices accessing your network.
  • Determine the associated business and security risks and setup custom policies.
  • Control web surfing and limit unauthorized transfer of files and data.
  • Scan applications for threats at a speed of billions of bits per second.


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