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We know data... yesterday, today and tomorrow

Ovation is recognized today as a leader in understanding the science and technology of digital data storage media, hardware and software solutions. We lead the way in digital transformation and data repository solutions including data transcription, digitization, processing, verification, archiving, backup, cloud migration and de-migration, analytics, and hosting and storage.

About Ovation

A pioneer in mastering the complexities of managing earth science data for the oil and gas sector, other industries that face the same challenges also seek Ovation’s unique capabilities. Today we are working to release the power of data assets within the Energy, Media & Entertainment, Digital Heritage, Biotech & Life Sciences, and Security industries.

To ensure that client assets are preserved, protected and accessible on demand, we have architected a unique blend of traditional and cloud-based solutions backed by security, performance and immediate access.

With Ovation, your data is always your data. We do not charge egress fees, exit fees, regional transfer fees, or other additional charges typical of public cloud providers and other data management companies. Plus, budgeting is easy with fixed pricing and predictable business models.

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Our mission is to satisfy the information needs of today and tomorrow with distinctive end-to-end services and innovative, customized solutions.

Our vision is to release the power of data assets and become the innovation leader in information management solutions.


Ovation leads the way in digital transformation with a faster, more integrated approach to master the complexities of managing data. We continue to evolve our unique expertise and proprietary workflows, software, and technology to ensure data resilience for tomorrow.

Client focus

Our consultants work with you to customize our complete end-to end portfolio and ensure your assets are preserved, protected and accessible on demand. We curate the most appropriate data, skills, technology and products to fit each client’s specific needs, both now and in the future.


Our end-to-end services provide a single point-of-contact and access to a team of dedicated individuals who deliver exceptional client experiences and solutions that work. We care about your data and ensure that it is always available and ready to use when you need it.


For more than 45 years, Ovation Data has securely delivered high-quality, connected, and accurate data that informs clients’ business decisions. We make your data business-ready and actionable, optimized with speed and confidence.

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Find out how Ovation can help you transform your data assets from difficult problems to valued and usable resources.

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The Ovation Method

Our suite of customized solutions provides the full end-to-end data management environment at every stage of the data lifecycle. Liberate and integrate your data effectively with our expert guidance and proprietary technologies. Here is how it works:

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1. Discover

Audit, validate and verify data type and quality. Check entitlements so you can prioritize and evaluate your inventory.

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2. Transcribe

Automated methods that allow information of all kinds, in all formats to be intermingled through accessible technology.

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3. Enhance

Sort, filter and aggregate by using advanced quality control and processing techniques. Interrogate and optimize data for cloud and analytical tools.

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4. Analyze

Custom-built systems that apply machine learning & artificial intelligence to accelerate insights and drive innovation.

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5. Connect

A highly secure, scalable, on-demand network that delivers any data anywhere, at anytime.

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6. Preserve

Protect the safety and integrity of your data through secure accessibility. Maintain and preserve the longevity of your digital inventory.

Meet the Team

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Our history

From its origins in 1976, Ovation set out to become a trusted data management partner that would help businesses rise to their full potential. We provide innovative and distinctive data management solutions that unlock the value of data to reveal insights and knowledge for better decisions and greater profitability for our clients.




Commitment to Innovation

For more than 45 years, Ovation Data has been helping industries resolve some of the most challenging data management problems. Challenges may continue but solutions evolve with new technology to cope with increasing amounts of data. Future thinking is embedded in our DNA at Ovation. We are already looking ahead and developing solutions for tomorrow. As we move into the future, Ovation is continuing the tradition of innovation as we deliver high-quality, connected, and accurate data that informs clients’ business decisions, optimized with speed and confidence. The future is bright!

Our Partners

Ovation brings unique expertise along with our partners’ capabilities to integrate the best new technology and the highest level of innovation, deployed as rapidly as possible for our clients’ benefit.

Fujifilm Logo

The amount of data in the world is exponentially increasing due to the introduction of high-definition 4K / 8K video, advancement in IoT / ICT, and the proliferation of Big Data analysis. As the world's top manufacturer of magnetic tapes for data storage, Fujifilm continues to develop top quality and high performance tape media.


Ovation Data has been working with David Morrison and his team at Talus for many years. Their Exploration Archives software product allows exploration and production companies to have a robust and simple method for managing their seismic data.


The integration of NthDS revolutionary platform, Nspect, with Ovation’s network delivers the first end-to-end management of well log data that includes AI transcription. It is the first commercially available service that uses artificial intelligence to digitize well logs six times more quickly than with legacy software.

Ovation Data is delighted to partner with Spectra Logic to help the British Film Institute preserve the UK’s audio-visual treasures for future generations to enjoy. This project reflects the technology and expertise behind digital transformation within many industries today.