Who we are

Ovation Data is known for innovation and expertise that leads to high-quality outcomes for our customers. We have a unique understanding of the problems in managing data that varies in age, size, quality and source.

Ovation Data helps companies derive knowledge, curate their data and protect against ransomware. The result is a strategically designed data platform that allows organizations to achieve their business goals.

Customer-focused for over 40 years and continuing to deliver quality data services in the cloud era, we continue to invest in new, proven technologies. Keeping our customers well-positioned for future success.


What We Do

We have a well-earned reputation of excellence in storing and managing digital assets, giving customers the tools to securely access critical data while protecting it from ransomware, breaches, terrorism and disaster loss.

Data management success requires a strategy that covers all aspects of a company’s data lifecycle. Ovation Data customers achieve this by accessing our unique suite of strategic services and products.

Ovation Data works with you to understand your business, your customers, and your business goals. It’s a process proven to help you derive maximum value from your data assets both now and in the future.

Who We Help

Ovation Data provides innovative and secure data management solutions.

Our deep roots in meeting the demanding requirements of the enormous data sets of the oil and gas industry provided a valuable foundation to rise to the similar challenges of media & entertainment.

The business has since grown to include other industries with comparable needs, such as biotech and security.

Ovation Data prides itself on positively impacting the outcomes for all our customers via better decision-making and improved results

Why Ovation?

As our client, your data is protected, secure and always yours. To ensure that customer assets are preserved, protected and accessible on demand, we have architected a unique blend of traditional and cloud-based solutions backed by security, performance and immediate access.

With Ovation, your data is always your data.

We do not charge egress fees, exit fees, regional transfer fees, or other additional charges typical of public cloud providers and other data management companies. Plus, budgeting is easy with fixed pricing and predictable business models.



Ovation Data partners with carefully selected solutions providers, software companies and consultants to enhance the Ovation Data customer experience. Data management, risk management, data curation and data protection have many highly specialized aspects and we work with selected partners to help enable an ever increasing array of solutions for our customers.

Ovation Data has been working with David Morrison and his team at Talus for many years.

Their Exploration Archives software product allows exploration and production companies to have a robust and simple method for managing their seismic data.

The integration of NthDS’ revolutionary platform, Nspect, with Ovation Data’s network delivers the first end-to-end management of well log data that includes AI transcription.

It is the first commercially available service that uses artificial intelligence to digitize well logs six times more quickly than with legacy software.

GeoComputing and their RiVA platform from an integral part of Ovation Data’s offering.

RiVA is a high-performance computing platform that has embedded storage with a shared parallel filesystem. Workstation performance is improved dramatically compared over standard systems.

G&G data expert Tammy Weir and her team are experts in helping companies understand the data they possess and ensure that they have legal rights to that data.

Weir Consulting helps eliminate errors leading to the improper usage of data that can lead to legal action and subsequent seven or eight figure judgments.

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