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Ovation helps OMV modernize and preserve valuable geoscience assets

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The challenge

Enhance data security and availability

Improve staff productivity

Lower operating and maintenance costs

OMV is an Austrian multinational integrated oil, gas and petrochemical company and is one of the largest public companies listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Operating in 20 countries around the world, the OMV Upstream business segment has a considerable seismic data library containing valuable geological and geophysical information. If lost or damaged, the cost to replace these critical geoscience assets would be tremendous.

A reliable and efficient data archiving system is essential to protect the very heart of OMV’s seismic data investment, its library. The seismic data management infrastructure included an internal hierarchical storage management (HSM) system that archived the processed seismic SEGY data in a vendor-proprietary software format, and the metadata was stored on an aging application. OMV needed a new robust and simple method for managing its seismic data to ensure its future integrity and enable a productive workflow.

The solution

The Ovation approach:

  • Replace the existing metadata application with Exploration Archives, Ovation’s comprehensive and dynamic software for managing, monitoring and accessing data.
  • Extract metadata from OMV’s aging database and map the schema into Exploration Archives.
  • Materialize support files that were referenced with a disk location, then rationalize duplicate files and assign unique file names.
  • Develop decoding software for use along with third-party software to tackle difficult-to-extract processed SEGY data.
  • Reconstitute each discrete SEGY volume to disk, assign a unique file number, and match it to metadata already migrated into Exploration Archives.

The result

Ovation completed the data conversion activities and successfully migrated archived files from legacy servers and systems into Ovation’s data store. Files are now uniquely identified and in a common and unencumbered readable format. OMV data management staff internally maintain the seismic data library and catalogue data, then transfer it to Ovation’s data center for physical storage or online availability. OMV staff located in multiple locations can quickly access information relevant to their projects and share it quickly for more effective team collaboration.

In collaboration with OMV's exceptional data management team, the launch and transition to Exploration Archives was seamless and included simple and straightforward user training. Support from a responsive IT support team and assistance from OMV's internal Exploration Archives expert were key contributors to the project's success.

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