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Innovative security strategies can ensure that your data assets are preserved, protected, and available on demand.

Having data stolen, hijacked, or held for ransom can grind your entire operation to a halt. Ovation’s multi-faceted defense strategy eliminates the threat and helps your organization recover quickly if targeted. We mitigate the threat of unplanned network downtime by protecting your data from possible corruption and loss and ensuring your ability to recover from any calamity. In case of a natural disaster, accident, or malicious act, our experts create a copy of your data from a primary to a secondary location to prevent potentially massive damage from loss of critical data. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our four decades of industry-leading threat intelligence and research. We will give you peace of mind that your data is safe, no matter what.

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Ovation protects vital information assets from malicious insiders or unintended human error. We’ll help identify and preserve all data assets critical to your operations and protect them from the potential for compromise.

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Data insights

Ovation and its partners provide scalable next-generation firewalls with policy-based visibility and control over applications, devices, users and threats. Our technology includes tools to scan applications for threats at a speed of billions of bits per second. Using our services and solutions, you will be able to identify applications, users and types of devices accessing your network, and determine associated business and security risks, and setup custom policies. Gain insights that help you simplify security infrastructure, improve network visibility, and control access.

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Leverage data

The ability to leverage your data for informed decisions depends on its availability for collaboration. Our expert services and solutions ensure that your data will always be protected, secure, and accessible to you. Ovation’s secure hybrid cloud hosting services provide a mix of public and private cloud hosting capacity to deliver unprecedented speed to compute-intensive applications, and our secure edge data services eliminate the need to move your data to far-flung data centers for processing.

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Unlock data

Ovation provides industry-leading data analysis services to help you find powerful insights and information locked away in your data archives. From handwritten records to tapes to digital discs, we can unlock and transcribe any kind of record into searchable, actionable data that you can keep and use forever. We are experts in re-mastering data from obsolete media, and we specialize in tape transcription. Our historical and custom equipment, proprietary techniques and processing facilities recover and preserve data from compromised media and ensure the resilience of your data assets.

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Discover data

Discover the data you already own but cannot access. Even when the data is online, many companies still struggle with finding what they need. Ovation helps locate data contained in various file formats in multiple locations, organize it, and make it readable, accessible, and usable. We offer a best in-class global one-stop shop for innovative and distinctive data management expertise and solutions. Our scalable product and services suite is flexible, integrated and open, providing instant access to valuable information and enterprise-wide data.

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