Data Transcription & Recovery

Ovation has extensive experience and success recovering and preserving data from compromised media.

After extensive research into detecting and recovering damaged data, we have developed custom equipment and techniques that revitalize and protect the valuable information it contains.

You can count on our reputation as a worldwide industry leader in data transcription for more than 40 years. We specialize in helping businesses unlock the knowledge held within outdated, legacy formats of any type. From handwritten pages and graphs to analog tape and digital drives, we can transcribe and reformat data of any kind to provide enhanced business value.

Our unmatched capabilities cover transcription, transmission, storage, and analysis of huge amounts of data in any format imaginable. Rely on our team of remediation experts to enhance your data and make it usable, no matter its age, format, or size. We can even correct or remove corrupt and inaccurate records by replacing, modifying, or deleting the affected data.

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We can transcribe your old tapes and unlock their hidden value

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Rely on our experts who specialize in re-mastering seismic data and transcription. Ovation has been performing large-scale tape transcription and data recovery services for the oil and gas industry since 1976, transcribing more than 500,000 tapes and cartridges every year.

Bespoke Processing

Learn about our unique processing facilities that include a comprehensive inventory of historical equipment and proprietary equipment to read and recover data from every type of media.

Duplicate Data

Use Ovation expertise to duplicate your geophysical data for a second site, joint venture sharing, disaster recovery, risk management initiatives or any other duplication purpose.

International Reach

Take advantage of our international reach. With data service projects spanning 50 countries, our team is effective with cross-border projects, often mobilizing to the client's country to perform data services.


Count on Ovation to protect your media assets. We can back up, transcribe, search, analyze and secure any information in any format for easy use anywhere. Preservation of your data is Ovation’s first priority.

Robust Systems

Store, backup, and manage the video and audio assets that are critical to the film and media industry. Ovation provides robust systems and processes to transcode, store, and manage valuable digital assets so it is never lost and can be monetized long into the future.

Realize untapped value

Realize and preserve the untapped value in obsolete data volumes of any age and format. From handwritten records to tapes to digital discs, we can unlock and transcribe any record into searchable, actionable data to keep and use forever.

Specialized Equipment & Staff

Tap into our extensive inventory of specialized equipment and highly trained personnel to perform precise recovery and transcription for data from legacy reel-to-reel media and obsolete legacy formats to easy-to-retrieve digital files.

Unmatched Capabilities

Discover the Ovation difference. We offer unmatched capabilities in the transcription, transmission, storage, and analysis of huge amounts of data in any format imaginable.

Preserve & Enhance Value

Preserve and enhance the value locked within proprietary data with our customized recovery and remediation services that include cleansing, organizing, and migrating information using our unique combination of specialized equipment and skilled personnel.

Safeguard Data

Update and safeguard scientific data stored on obsolete legacy formats using our services to transcode them into easy-to-retrieve digital files.

Protect IP

Ensure that valuable intellectual property is never lost and can be monetized long into the future by relying on our distinctive strategies for data recovery and remediation.

Unlock business insights

Unlock powerful business insights locked within your document archives with our AI digitized extraction technologies, faster and more accurate than any human can achieve. Capture data from both structured and unstructured documents without configuring rules or templates.

Revitalize and protect

Revitalize and protect your data assets with our comprehensive equipment selection of tape drives and devices that support more than 60 years of technology. We transcribe data from historical tape media to current industry-standard. We copy data in any format, onto any media type and incorporate real-time quality control.

Data Restoration

Restore your data from backup media sources of any kind. Our data restoration service makes a usable copy of available data to replace lost or damaged data, while ensuring the data backup is consistent with the state of the data at a specific point in time before the problem occurred.

Duplicate Data

Take advantage of Ovation's data duplication software and hardware that produce bit-for-bit, direct tape copy, complete duplication, sub-setting and file selection from any media type. We duplicate your data for a second site, disaster recovery, risk management, or any other duplication purpose.

The Ovation Method

Our suite of customized solutions provides the full end-to-end data management environment at every stage of the data lifecycle. Liberate and integrate your data effectively with our expert guidance and proprietary technologies. Here is how it works:

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1. Discover

Audit, validate and verify data type and quality. Check entitlements so you can prioritize and evaluate your inventory.

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2. Transcribe

Automated methods that allow information of all kinds, in all formats to be intermingled through accessible technology.

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3. Enhance

Sort, filter and aggregate by using advanced quality control and processing techniques. Interrogate and optimize data for cloud and analytical tools.

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4. Analyze

Custom-built systems that apply machine learning & artificial intelligence to accelerate insights and drive innovation.

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5. Connect

A highly secure, scalable, on-demand network that delivers any data anywhere, at anytime.

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6. Preserve

Protect the safety and integrity of your data through secure accessibility. Maintain and preserve the longevity of your digital inventory.

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