Data Management

At Ovation, data management means removing the limits from what is possible with your data assets.

For more than 40 years, Ovation has been a trusted partner to some of the world’s most prestigious companies, helping them to curate their data, derive business insights, and protect against information loss of every kind. We take pride in helping our clients discover the value in their data, transforming information into knowledge that drives smarter, more profitable decision making.

Secure and scalable data management services and support range from basic and complex infrastructure to cloud-based solutions for data transmission, storage, stewardship and loss prevention.

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Gain New Insights

Gain new insights from huge volumes of subsurface and seismic data and improve speed of decision making.

New Revenue Models

Generate new revenue models that leverage the value of your geoscience data assets.

Unlock Valuable Information

Discover, unlock and protect valuable information hidden within enormous data sets generated by hydrocarbon exploration.

Unlock Any Record

From handwritten records to tapes to digital discs, unlock and transcribe any record into searchable, actionable data to keep and use forever.

Preserve Legacy Data

Update and preserve films and broadcasts from obsolete legacy formats to easy-to-retrieve digital files.

Manage Rich Libraries

Robust systems and processes to transcode, store, and manage rich media libraries from a secure, reliable, centralized source.

Custom Designed Solutions

Our custom-designed solutions integrate seamlessly with your file library, intranet, or content management system.

Protect Valuable IP

Ensure that valuable intellectual property is never lost and can be monetized long into the future.

Data Protection

As an Ovation client, your scientific data assets and metadata will always be protected, secure and accessible to you

Convert Old Data

Regardless of the age and condition of your scientific data assets, Ovation can convert them into modern, searchable digital files and metadata that will be valuable for years to come.

No Fees

With Ovation, your data is always your data. We do not charge fees typical of other public cloud providers and data management companies. Instead, we make budgeting easy with fixed pricing and predictable costs.

Customized Management Strategies

Our customized data management strategies preserve and enhance the value locked with your proprietary data. Our services provide a framework to allow decision making based on analysis of large scientific data sets.

Simplify Security Infrastructure

Simplify security infrastructure, gain network visibility and control access

Identify Users

Identify applications, users and types of devices accessing your network.

Prevent Risk

Determine associated business and security risks and setup custom policies.

Threat Detection

Scan applications for threats at a speed of billions of bits per second.

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The Ovation Method

Our suite of customized solutions provides the full end-to-end data management environment at every stage of the data lifecycle. Liberate and integrate your data effectively with our expert guidance and proprietary technologies. Here is how it works:

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Audit, validate and verify data type and quality. Create a digital inventory or evaluate and automate your inventory. Gain insight into risk assessment.

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Use automated methods that allow information of all kinds, in all formats to be intermingled through accessible technology.

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Rely on a highly secure, scalable, on-demand network that delivers any data anywhere, anytime.

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Sort, filter and aggregate with advanced quality control and processing techniques.

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Protect data integrity through secure accessibility and transfer. Maintain longevity of your data inventory. Never run out of storage.

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Unlock the value in your data with proprietary software that enables machine learning & AI to generate and reveal insights.