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Customized data management strategies preserve and enhance the value locked within important scientific data.

Accurate, fully reconciled data is the life blood of biotechnology and life sciences companies. Without enterprise-level organization and management of their data, the work of biotech scientists and data analysts can be impeded or even lost. Ovation is dedicated to ensuring that doesn’t happen. We will help you realize and preserve the full value of your company’s data library. We give biotech and life sciences companies customized data management strategies that preserve and enhance the value locked within their proprietary data, and our services provide a framework to better inform decisions based on analysis of large scientific data sets. Our transcoding, storage, and preservation experts are standing by to help solve your data challenges.

How we help

Ovation’s biotech industry experts provide customized scientific asset management solutions covering all aspects of your organization’s data lifecycle. Reap rewards from a single-source solution that is secure, compliant, interoperable, and tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Data insights

Ovation’s innovative distributed-network technology delivers unprecedented speed to applications such as machine automation and telemedicine. Our comprehensive range of products, services, and solutions is designed for complex, computing-intensive data analysis and enhancement. We offer the right mix of hardware and software solutions to yield valuable insights from your data. Our industry-leading A.I. digitized extraction technologies include an automated process that is faster and more accurate than any human can achieve.

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Leverage data

Complex volumes of data require high-performance computing in order to provide maximum analytical value. Ovation Data brings computational power and data storage closer to the sources of data with edge data centers. We offer unmatched capabilities in the transcription, transmission, storage, and analysis of huge amounts of data in any format imaginable. Our specialty is cleaning, enhancing, and processing raw data, then extracting actionable information for more informed decisions.

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Unlock data

Ovation provides industry-leading data analysis services to help you find powerful insights and information locked away in your data archives. From handwritten records to tapes to digital discs, Ovation can unlock and transcribe any kind of record into searchable, actionable data that you can keep and use forever. We are experts in re-mastering data from obsolete media, and we specialize in tape transcription. Our historical and custom equipment, proprietary techniques and processing facilities recover and preserve data from compromised media and ensure the resilience of your data assets.

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Discover data

Discover the data you already own but cannot access. Our solutions integrate information and technology held across disparate systems onto consolidated platforms to achieve full visibility and control while eliminating data siloes. Ovation will make your job easier by distilling information into a more accurate and relevant form. No matter the age and condition of your existing scientific data assets, we can convert them into modern, searchable digital files and metadata that will be valuable for years to come.

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