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Subsurface and seismic data management is the key to smarter decision-making in the oil & gas industry.

A huge volume of O&G seismic reflection information collected during the past 100 years is contained in old media and unusable formats. Fortunately, Ovation can make it readable, accessible, and usable. We will liberate the data in old tapes, and transcribe and migrate it into the latest SEG-Y format for analysis. We can vectorize your seismic data for use in new exploration software, and we can reformat well data to read trends. We can digitize your x-ray images to feed AI models, migrate your media files to take advantage of the newest remastering techniques, and more. We can also provide systems and processes for easy and secure access, enabling you to extract greater data value for increased revenue.

How we help

Ovation experts help energy companies maximize the value of enormous data sets generated by hydrocarbon exploration. We convert valuable data assets from locked media into a ready-to-run resource.

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Data insights

Ovation customizes data management strategies to help guide our clients’ use of industry automation, third-party data and integrated advanced software systems. Our software can vectorize a seismic section and well logs, take it from analog to digital, create meta data, then make it fit for purpose. We help reveal insights gained through the end-to-end digitization of the oilfield, and offer AI solutions to maximize gains from the vast amount of data being collected from edge computing devices and management systems.

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Leverage data

Next generation software and advanced analysis will help leverage your data to realize increased operational efficiencies and productivity gains. Ovation’s cutting-edge digital technologies help make data processes and business insights more easily accessible and shareable. Our analytics solutions and cloud platforms empower optimized performance and informed decisions on an asset and portfolio level.

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Unlock Data

From handwritten records to tapes to digital discs, Ovation can unlock and transcribe any kind of record into searchable, actionable data that you can keep and use forever. We are experts in re-mastering seismic data, and we specialize in well tape and seismic tape transcription. Our historical and custom equipment, proprietary techniques and processing facilities recover and preserve data from compromised media and ensure the resilience of your data assets.

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Discover data

Discover the data you already own but cannot access. Ovation’s combination of traditional and cloud-based storage solutions ensure that your data assets and insights are preserved, protected, and available on demand. We offer a best in-class global one-stop shop for innovative and distinctive data management expertise and solutions. Our scalable product and services suite is flexible, integrated and open to provide instant access to subsurface information and enterprise-wide data.

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Find out how Ovation can help you transform your data assets from difficult problems to valued and usable resources.

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Our partners

Ovation Data partners with carefully selected solutions providers, software companies and consultants to enhance the Ovation Data customer experience. Data management, risk management, data curation and data protection have many highly specialized aspects and we work with selected partners to help enable an ever increasing array of solutions for our customers.

The amount of data in the world is exponentially increasing due to the introduction of high-definition 4K / 8K video, advancement in IoT / ICT, and the proliferation of Big Data analysis. As the world's top manufacturer of magnetic tapes for data storage, Fujifilm continues to develop top quality and high performance tape media.


Ovation Data has been working with David Morrison and his team at Talus for many years. Their Exploration Archives software product allows exploration and production companies to have a robust and simple method for managing their seismic data.


The integration of NthDS revolutionary platform, Nspect, with Ovation’s network delivers the first end-to-end management of well log data that includes AI transcription. It is the first commercially available service that uses artificial intelligence to digitize well logs six times more quickly than with legacy software.


GeoComputing and its RiVA platform form an integral part of Ovation’s offering. RiVA is a high-performance computing platform that has embedded storage with a shared parallel file system. Workstation performance is dramatically improved compared with standard systems.

Ovation Data is delighted to partner with SpectraLogic to help the British Film Institute preserve the UK’s audio-visual treasures for future generations to enjoy. This project reflects the technology and expertise behind digital transformation within many industries today.