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Proper storage, backup, and management of video and audio assets is critical to the film and media industry worldwide.

Content creators and post-production teams demand robust systems and processes to transcode, store, and manage valuable digital assets. Ovation helps broadcasters and film producers access broadcast and post-production data using next-generation technology. We take films and broadcasts on obsolete legacy formats and update and preserve them in easy-to-review digital files. Our secure hybrid cloud hosting services deliver unprecedented speed to demanding applications such as streaming video, and enable you to store and manage rich media libraries from a secure, reliable, centralized source. In addition, your data management needs are fully supported with top-notch approaches, including our strategic partnerships to leverage the latest technology, integrated with the highest level of innovation, and deployed as rapidly as possible.

How we help

Ovation provides a customized offering of services to solve your specific data challenges, and digitization and validation techniques to protect the integrity of your vital information assets.

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Data insights

Ovation facilitates collaborative work that promotes new insights so you can reap rewards from a single-source solution that is secure, compliant, interoperable, and tailored to meet your unique needs. Our innovative strategies and combination of traditional and cloud-based storage solutions ensure that your data assets and insights are preserved, protected, and available on demand. Our cutting-edge digital technologies streamline data processes and make insights more easily accessible and shareable.

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Leverage data

Ovation’s transcoding, storage, and preservation experts help ensure that your valuable media assets can be monetized long into the future. Next generation software and advanced analysis help leverage your data to realize increased operational efficiencies and productivity gains. Our analytics solutions and cloud platforms empower optimized performance and informed decisions.

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Unlock data

From handwritten records to tapes to digital discs, Ovation can unlock and transcribe any kind of record into searchable, actionable data that you can keep and use forever. We are experts in re-mastering data from obsolete media, and we specialize in tape transcription. Our historical and custom equipment, proprietary techniques and processing facilities recover and preserve data from compromised media and ensure the resilience of your data assets.

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Discover data

Discover the data you already own but cannot access. Even when the data is online, many media companies still struggle with finding what they need. Ovation helps you locate data contained in various file formats in multiple locations, organize it, and make it readable, accessible, and usable. We offer a best in-class global one-stop shop for innovative and distinctive data management expertise and solutions. Our scalable product and services suite is flexible, integrated and open, providing instant access to valuable information and enterprise-wide data.

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