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Data clean-up

Clean data supports better decision-making by providing an accurate overview of business information and analytics. Ovation provides data cleaning solutions to help businesses grow and achieve better results.

Clean-up your data
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What is Data Cleaning and why is it important?

Data cleaning is a vital process that organizes, validates, and corrects an organization’s data. Ensuring data accuracy is essential for extracting maximum value from this key asset. A major benefit of data cleansing is that clean data can help support better decision-making processes. Having clean data gives a more accurate overview of business information and analytics, which allows companies to make decisions more confidently and strategically. Ovation offers data cleaning solutions that will help your business grow and achieve better results.

What’s involved

Techniques used in Data Cleaning may vary depending on how your company stores data. As a great start in formulating a framework that suits your specific needs, Ovation’s Data Cleaning process includes these steps:

Step 1. Audit your data

  1. Perform system health check (QC) to identify departmental data siloes.
  2. Run data quality assessment to spot bad data.
  3. Automate the process to accommodate massive databases.
  4. Search for duplicates and perform deduplication on multiple records or repetitive data.
  5. Validate your data and accomplish data migration.

Step 2. Manage your data

Standardize and assimilate your data.

  1. Use a single platform for easy fast access.
  2. Manage all data types including any legacy format.
  3. Archive data not currently in use.
  4. Manage risk with safe cloud storage and disaster recovery capabilities.

Step 3. Enjoy the results

Experience the benefits of Data Cleaning.

  • Gain a clearer understanding of the data you have and how to find it.
  • Save time and money by eliminating tedious unproductive searches.
  • Improve quality of business decisions based on enriched information.

And that’s not all! Even greater benefits can result further down the line when your organization is set up for success. Data Cleaning has many potential domino effects that can boost ROI.


Breakdown information silos to promote knowledge sharing

Reduce production bottlenecks

Enable adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions

Unlock greater value that is currently hidden in your data

Examine and apply the latest technology innovations

Explore real-life strategies gained through digital transformation

Streamline integration and simplify data management

Lower downtime and reduce operation costs

Promote a culture of innovation to support greater profitability.

Lets clean-up your data

Ovation Data is a full-service provider of digital transformation and data repository solutions. It provides secure and scalable data management services and support from basic and complex infrastructure to cloud-based solutions for data transmission, storage, stewardship and loss prevention. For more than 45 years, Ovation Data has securely delivered high-quality, connected, and accurate data that informs clients’ business decisions, optimized with speed and confidence.