Data Digitization & Recovery

Document Digitization Services

Protect deteriorating materials from technical obsolescence.

• Digitizing important and actively used documents
• Securely shredding unnecessary ones
• Storing infrequently needed paper documents offsite

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Sound practices for efficient document and media management

Gain total control over your files

Digitization ensures that all the right people can access documents they need, anywhere. Let Ovation handle identifying, sorting, organizing, scanning boxes and boxes of paper documents into a logical system easy for all stakeholders to use.

Comply with reporting requirements

Find the documents quickly and easily to generate required reports for regulatory, tax, and business needs. Information governance advice from Ovation helps you comply with standards related to privacy, records retention, inventory management and reporting.

Reduce IT burden

Our streamlined digitization process helps organizations optimize operations, saving time and resources. Let us handle the technicalities of effective document management, so you can focus on core business activities instead.

Preserve institutional memory

Staff turnover can diminish valuable institutional memory and jeopardize your organization’s past workforce investment. Preserving and accessing prior work products can leverage their value and provide valuable insight for successful projects.

Prevent damaged materials

Particularly when preserving old or fragile documents, maintaining their integrity and longevity is key. Ovation’s safe material handling practices ensure that collections of valuable or delicate items are protected and preserved while being digitized.

Enjoy real-time access

Archiving and processing data in real-time brings instant access to the most up-to-date information, enabling efficient collaboration and quick decision-making among employees who work remotely, or in different locations and time zones.

Ensure data security

Safeguarding sensitive or confidential data is a critical aspect of document hosting. Ovation offers secure access to authorized users, ensuring that only those with appropriate permissions can view and interact with hosted documents.

Maximize office space

Digitizing, eliminating or removing paper files can greatly increase available space for current and future work activities, as well as reduce costs by shrinking your company’s workplace footprint.

Our services

Digitization and recovery

Protect your valuable data currently on legacy reel-to-reel media and obsolete legacy formats. Ovation will recover and transcribe it into easy-to-retrieve digital files. Our extensive inventory of specialized equipment and highly trained personnel are truly unique in the industry.

Secure shredding

Disposing unneeded documents is crucial for data security and less of a burden for storage. Throughout the shredding process, we comply with privacy regulations and best practices and ensure that confidential information is irreversibly destroyed.

Offsite storage

Offsite storage is a practical solution for infrequently needed documents that still require retention. Ovation’s secure and organized offsite system stores documents in appropriate conditions and protects them from physical damage or loss, so you can retrieve them whenever necessary.

Web-based hosting

Our web-based document hosting services provide flexibility, security, and convenience of real-time data archiving and access any time, from any location. We fully administer our hosting sites, including backup management, software and hardware upgrades, security monitoring, and more.

The process

Effective project management is crucial during complex digitization projects, especially with large volumes of documents. Our well-defined methodologies ensure that projects are executed efficiently, with clear timelines, milestones, and deliverables with uncompromising quality.

Methods range from single page processing with manual data entry to high-speed OCR / ICR, forms processing and media conversions. Basic steps may include:

  • Prepare inventory of documents to be converted
  • Box and transport required paper documents
  • Prepare documents for scanning (removing staples, paper clips, ragged edges, etc.)
  • Scan paper documents to agreed-upon format
  • Index and classify documents according to your specifications
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for easy search of scanned documents
  • Load indexed, scanned images to a Community History Archive or other document management system
  • Return scanned documents, or destroy according to protocol

The Ovation difference

Ovation has earned outstanding references from industries and government organizations that rely heavily on paper documentation and have unique requirements and lofty standards for digitization. This is a testament to our expertise, trustworthiness and reputation for excellence.

Our digitization solutions cover a wide range of applications and enable organizations to capture every detail of their collections with the highest quality:

  • Paper documents
  • Large format documents
  • Books
  • Aperture cards
  • Microfilm
  • Architecture drawings
  • Photographs
  • Blueprints

The Ovation Method

Our suite of customized solutions provides the full end-to-end data management environment at every stage of the data lifecycle. Liberate and integrate your data effectively with our expert guidance and proprietary technologies. Here is how it works:

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1. Discover

Audit, validate and verify data type and quality. Check entitlements so you can prioritize and evaluate your inventory.

Transcribe Icon

2. Transcribe

Automated methods that allow information of all kinds, in all formats to be intermingled through accessible technology.

Enhance Icon

3. Enhance

Sort, filter and aggregate by using advanced quality control and processing techniques. Interrogate and optimize data for cloud and analytical tools.

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4. Analyze

Custom-built systems that apply machine learning & artificial intelligence to accelerate insights and drive innovation.

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5. Connect

A highly secure, scalable, on-demand network that delivers any data anywhere, at anytime.

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6. Preserve

Protect the safety and integrity of your data through secure accessibility. Maintain and preserve the longevity of your digital inventory.

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