Data Security

Ovation has been a trusted partner to some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

We have helped them protect against information loss of every kind. Let us help you simplify security infrastructure, gain network visibility and control access.

Preservation of your data is our top priority. Our solutions are built on the principles of security, performance, and shareability.

Use our unique knowledge to develop customized solutions that are secure, compliant and interoperable. Secure and scalable services range from basic and complex infrastructure to cloud-based solutions for data transmission, storage, stewardship and loss prevention.

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Protect Valuable Information

Protect your multimillion-dollar seismic data assets with the best security available anywhere.

Maintain Critical Data

Maintain critical data with security protection in order to continue acceptable levels of operation.

Reduce Risks

Reduce business and operational risks with secure accessibility and transfer protocols.

40 Years Experience

Count on our 40-year track record of helping energy companies protect valuable information in huge volumes of data stored on all kinds of media formats.

Access Broadcast & Post-Production Data

Ovation helps broadcasters and film producers securely access broadcast and post-production data using next-generation technology, and manage rich media libraries from a secure, centralized source.

Stand-Alone Storage

Rely on secure stand-alone storage; not connected to a studio. Audio and visual assets and metadata will always be protected, secure and accessible to you.

Automated Transfer

Use our automated secure data transfer to access your files more quickly and securely with guaranteed integrity.

Custom Solutions

Benefit from custom solutions to your data security challenges with our hybrid cloud hosting services.


Rely on Ovation to ensure that your scientific data assets and metadata are always protected, secure and accessible to you.

Fast Transfers

Access the files that you need, transferred more quickly and securely with guaranteed integrity.

Custom Solutions

Benefit from custom solutions to your data security challenges with our hybrid cloud hosting services.

No Fees

Make budgeting easy with fixed pricing and predictable costs. We do not charge fees typical of other companies. With Ovation, your data is always your data.

Encrypted Transfers

Rely on secure data transfer that encrypts/decrypts the file automatically whether it is at rest or inflight.

Automatic File Copies

Protect data assets with automatic file copies in multiple locations and on a variety of media.

Threat Detection

Scan applications for threats at a speed of billions of bits per second and identify applications, users and types of devices accessing your network.


Guarantee data security and comply with external audit/due diligence processes

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The Ovation Method

Our suite of customized solutions provides the full end-to-end data management environment at every stage of the data lifecycle. Liberate and integrate your data effectively with our expert guidance and proprietary technologies. Here is how it works:

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1. Discover

Audit, validate and verify data type and quality. Check entitlements so you can prioritize and evaluate your inventory.

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2. Transcribe

Automated methods that allow information of all kinds, in all formats to be intermingled through accessible technology.

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3. Enhance

Sort, filter and aggregate by using advanced quality control and processing techniques. Interrogate and optimize data for cloud and analytical tools.

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4. Analyze

Custom-built systems that apply machine learning & artificial intelligence to accelerate insights and drive innovation.

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5. Connect

A highly secure, scalable, on-demand network that delivers any data anywhere, at anytime.

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6. Preserve

Protect the safety and integrity of your data through secure accessibility. Maintain and preserve the longevity of your digital inventory.