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A better way to handle data

Ovation is a trusted data management partner that has helped thousands of worldwide customers preserve the integrity of their vital information assets.

We understand the science and technology of digital data storage media, hardware and software solutions. From physical assets to the cloud, we help you manage, access and utilize data.


Streamlined workflows, shorter time-to-decision, and reduced costs are a few of the many benefits that set us apart from others in the industry.

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Our pay-as-you-go subscription model lets you purchase only the data hosting capacity that you need today without overpaying for what you might need someday.

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Unbeatable Security

We are the leading experts at hosting an operational data store (ODS) in the form of a private cloud. These private server and storage resources offer unbeatable security for data in all formats.

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Innovative network technology from our Edge Data Centers brings computational power and data storage closer to the sources of data, delivering unprecedented speed to applications such as streaming video.

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Simplified Security

Simplify security infrastructure, gain network visibility and control access. Identify applications, users and types of devices accessing your network.

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Reliable Access

Count on Ovation technology to gain instant access to subsurface information and enterprise-wide data.

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Extract Relevance

Extract details from anonymous or ambiguously named files and for greater context and relevance.

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