Data Digitization & Recovery

Revitalize and protect data with expert tape transcription

Ovation believes there is a better way to handle data. Our unique expertise and intellectual property include proprietary workflows and software, advanced data validation processes, and innovative data restoration techniques.

Transcribe your data

Take your data to the next level

A worldwide industry leader in data transcription for more than 40 years, Ovation specializes in helping businesses unlock the knowledge contained within outdated, legacy formats. From handwritten pages and graphs to analog tape and digital drives, we can transcribe and reformat data of any kind to provide enhanced business value.

We help our clients realize and preserve the untapped value in obsolete data volumes of any age and format. From handwritten records to tapes and digital discs, we can unlock and transcribe any record into searchable, actionable data to keep and use forever. Our services include tape transcription, data recovery, data scanning and vectorizing, navigation merge, and much more.

Proper transcription preserves data from compromised media and ensures the resilience of your data assets. After transcription, analysis services can reveal powerful insights and information locked away in your data archives. Once data is liberated it becomes available for analytics, thus empowering companies to exploit the inherent potential and worth of previously inaccessible data.

Urgency of tape transcription

Based on the age of 7, 9 and 21 track tape media, data in many repositories are at risk of becoming unreadable. Ovation understands the value of subsurface data, scientific data, media assets, and other proprietary information unique to a variety of industries. And we realize that replacing compromised data is often unfeasible. With our extensive inventory of tape drives and highly trained personnel, we perform precise recovery and transcription for data from legacy reel-to-reel media. And in addition to the most common legacy 7, 9 and 21 track tape media, we support a multitude of other media types. Scroll down below for a more complete list.

Liberate data for new AI and analytics

Ovation has partnered with Seagate® to offer its Lyve™ Cloud storage solution within Ovation’s data management offerings. Lyve Cloud reduces storage infrastructure cost and complexity which prevent organizations from making full use of their data. By leveraging Lyve Cloud in scenarios such as data analytics, data repository for content collaboration, and backup/disaster recovery, organizations can break data silos, gain insights from their data and dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership.

More to know... What is Stiction?

A common consequence of tape deterioration, stiction (static friction) is the result of a chemical reaction between the magnetic oxide and the glue that binds the oxide to the polyester tape, essentially causing the glue to soften and become sticky. Stiction causes adjacent layers of tape to stick together or to stick to the heads of the tape drive. We design and manufacture containment units for treating stiction-afflicted tapes. The units include a variable temperature control, thermal cut-out protection, air circulation fan and external temperature gauge to maintain the temperature range. Our units maintain a custom environment with precision controls for the particular level of deterioration and brand of tape. After treating the tapes, we recover data using variable speed, tension-arm tape drives and our renowned DiplomatTM interactive transcription software. Our technician reads the tape, a few records at a time, while cleaning the heads. To address tapes with skew errors, we maintain specialized tape drives with adjustable controls. The technician adjusts the skew of the read/ write head manually for optimum data recovery.

Make your data pay you back

The legacy data in the world’s tape archives holds potential to deliver tremendous value and potentially major breakthroughs in research, understanding, processes, and practices in a wide variety of sectors. Bringing data to life releases potential for life-critical data to solve many of humanity’s problems, from small to large, from healthcare, education and research to energy and mining, agriculture, environmental and space sciences, and media and entertainment. Ovation and Seagate together offer capabilities in volume and scale, enabling clients to free the data on their entire tape archive. Ingesting these data sets into the cloud puts companies back in control of their data assets and potentially turns an inaccessible, decaying cost center into a valuable revenue stream.

Leave the hard part to us!

Don’t overcomplicate your transcription initiatives. Let us take care of the hard part while you focus on helping your business thrive during the world’s digital transformation.

Transcribe your data
Man touching a thing saying digital transformation

Take it to the edge

Today, tremendous computing capability is no longer limited to large centralized data centers. The sheer volume of data shifts it to the network’s edge and draws computing power and applications closer to data sources for real-time decisions. Ovation’s edge computing centers remove the need to move data to far-flung data centers for processing. This innovative distributed network technology delivers unprecedented speed for applications used in a variety of industries, including seismic interpretation in the energy sector, telemedicine and analysis of large scientific data sets in biotechnology and life sciences, and streaming video in media and entertainment.

Some tapes

Tackle transcription in-house or enlist outside help?

One thing is for sure: You definitely want to keep data that is currently on tape, but technology upgrades make managing tape archives costly and time-consuming. And while you are trying to take care of your tapes, you lack visibility into insights that could boost revenue.

If you try to migrate your data from tape in-house, it could take a lot of time and distract from other business operations. Hiring the right people, managing the project, and renting storage will all add up. Tapping outside help will bring several benefits: reduced cost of future archiving, scalable storage, and no surprises. Not to mention all the hassle.

Our team of storage experts handles the entire process of migrating your tape media to our partner Seagate’s Lyve® cloud, where it can be activated to unlock new value. We’ll help you merge, consolidate, organize, and modernize your backup and archive tape data by cataloging and ingesting only information with value. Pay for only the storage you need, with the strongest security that protects and encrypts your data, accessible only by you.

Leave the hard part to us!

Don’t overcomplicate your transcription initiatives. Let us take care of the hard part while you focus on helping your business thrive during the world’s digital transformation.

Transcribe your data

Top 5 questions to ask

When evaluating a potential partner for any of your data management needs, be sure to ask about the details. Below are five questions to consider when selecting a transcription provider:

#1: Does the provider digitize the data in such a way that it is actually useable?

Some companies can digitize data and identify the metadata, but they do it in an inferior way. Then they enclose it within a wrapper that clients cannot penetrate unless they buy additional services. Ovation has a different approach. When clients want to retrieve their data from Ovation, we recognize that they have already paid for tapes and maintenance. We do not use a wrapper to store the data, except of course if the client requests encryption by choice. We never charge egress fees. Other good news is that when other providers ask their clients to pay extra costs to retrieve their own data, we can break the data loose so clients are able to use it.

As our client, your data is protected, secure and always yours. To ensure your assets are preserved, protected and accessible on demand, we have architected a unique blend of traditional and cloud-based solutions backed by security, performance and immediate access.

#2: How useful are “bells and whistles?”

Make sure you actually need what some providers brag about. For example, some companies are attracted by the idea of managing their data with viewers via a web portal, but this has little or no value when you see magnified views of only inferior data.

#3: Will a “one size fits all” approach meet your needs?

Different organizations have different goals, and you want customized solutions to fit your specific needs. Even if you are looking for only transcription services right now, keep in mind the bigger picture. Our suite of customized solutions provides the full end-to-end data management environment at every stage of the data lifecycle.

#4: Does the provider have broad experience across multiple industries and geographic locations?

Take advantage of Ovation’s international reach. With data service projects spanning 50 countries, our team is effective with cross-border projects, often mobilizing to the client’s country to perform data services. Here are a few industries that benefit from Ovation solutions:

  • Oil & Gas: Subsurface and seismic data management is the key to smarter decisions in the oil and gas industry. Quality assurance and data validation ensure accurate metadata and data integrity, and our geophysical specialists provide domain-specific attention to detail. More about our geophysical solutions below.
  • Media & Entertainment: Storage, backup, and management of video and audio assets are critical in the film and media industry. Companies use Ovation’s robust systems and processes to transcode, store, and manage valuable digital assets so they are never lost and can be monetized long into the future.
  • Biotech & Life Sciences: Fully reconciled data is the life blood of biotechnology and life sciences companies. They can update and safeguard scientific data stored on obsolete legacy formats using our services to transcode them into easy-to retrievedigital files.
  • Security: Ovation produces bit-for-bit, direct tape copy, complete duplication, sub-setting and file selection from any media type. Security professionals appreciate the ability to duplicate data for a second site, disaster recovery and risk management.

#5: Is your provider fully equipped to handle full transcription?

Some transcription providers may generate a “bit copy,” but they use the same old format that is no longer readable, forcing clients to wait longer to read the data. With the most comprehensive selection of tape drives and devices, our equipment supports more than 60 years of technology. We transcribe data from historical tape media to the current industry standard media and incorporate real-time quality control. Our processing facilities include a comprehensive inventory of historical equipment and proprietary equipment to read and recover data from every type of media. A special arsenal of rare and customized equipment and an inventory of over 800 devices set us apart, along with the ability to handle 250+ different media types including large volume seismic formats. Scroll down below for a more complete list.

Geophysical specialists for the Oil & Gas industry

Performing large-scale tape transcription and data recovery services for the energy industry, our experts help oil companies discover, unlock and protect valuable information hidden with huge volumes of data stored on all kinds of media formats. We transcribe more than 500,000 tapes and cartridges every year for oil and gas exploration companies.

We are experts in re-mastering seismic data and specialize in well tape and seismic tape transcription. And our strategic partnership with NthDS AI Data Solutions to integrate its revolutionary platform, Nspect, with Ovation’s powerful network delivers the first end-to-end management of well log data that includes AI transcription capabilities. This fully connected data management solution allows companies to store, access and analyze critical subsurface information in record time. Nspect is the first commercially available service that uses artificial intelligence to digitize well logs six times more quickly than with legacy software. The goal is to liberate the data from the tape vaults and unlock potential to access, restore, mine, analyze, monetize, and deploy it in ways never before possible.

Our geophysical data services improve workflows, so your geoscience teams can focus on analysis and discovery instead of data management. Here is how we can help:

Navigation merge

Millions of seismic field data tapes are currently held in specialized data vaults, temperature and humidity controlled, across the world. This data has value for oil companies, and new information can be uncovered from re-processing with new methods and CPU power. New techniques improve reflection detail, image quality, velocities, amplitude and frequency content.

Seismic field data transcription, storage and re-formatting are best left to experts who have comprehensive experience of past field practices and procedures and understand current industry standards and technology applications. Otherwise, valuable data can easily be corrupted or even lost forever. Another consideration is the importance and complexity of complying with regulatory requirements in different countries regarding safekeeping of subsurface data and documentation.

Many recent technical advances solve problems associated with previous surveys, and sometimes provide a reason to reprocess the survey to avoid misleading interpretation. Merging navigation data with seismic data provides information required for data processing. The navigation merge places the (x,y) positions of the source and receiver in the seismic trace header. Our processes use the shotpoint number and the shotpoint time to match the navigation information with the seismic data.

We Nav-Merge, using the shotpoint in the navigation in relation to the shotpoint in the seismic, and using the time in the navigation and the time in the field data as a QC check. We populate all relevant information from the field data into the Nav-Merge SEG-Y, such as the shotpoint, X and Y positions, cable depth, streamer ID, etc. Our extensive quality control procedures include:

  • All generated SEG-Y files
  • Spreadsheet listing all the lines in the project with comments about each line, and detail lines for which there is no navigation data, or lines for which there is no seismic data
  • Navigation sail-line map of the survey area produced from the Navigation data
  • SEG-Y sail-line map of the survey area produced from the merged SEG-Y data
  • Water depth chart for the survey area, detailing the water depth at each shotpoint
  • SEG-D vs P1/90 shot time difference chart, which reveals any shotpoint numbering problems
  • Picked minus Expected first arrival time difference chart for each streamer, which demonstrates that the correct trace has been matched with the correct navigation receiver position
  • Navigation fold of coverage chart produced from the Navigation data
  • SEGY fold of coverage chart produced from the merged SEG-Y data.
  • Fold of coverage difference chart showing the difference between the Navigation data coverage chart and the merged SEG-Y data coverage chart, created by NVMFOLD

Let our experts achieve this vital step in data processing, not only for marine seismic. Ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) seismic data is fraught with even more complexities. Vintage surveys have logs which were often hand-written and require very careful QC. It is imperative to safeguard your data investment by ensuring that data transcription/reformat and subsequent QC are executed by experienced seismic geophysicists.

And there’s more! Such as…

Data conversion:

Our skilled technicians perform data conversion processes using our extensive inventory of equipment and our propriety software to ensure the highest quality output. The SEG data format specifications (SEG-Y, SEG-D) and the acquisition formats (2D, 3D, land, site surveys, well logs or other) contribute to cataloguing and storage decisions. We assess the data for the most suitable options and improve the quality of the catalogue and the data by identifying and addressing cataloguing errors throughout the conversion.



Our software separates the samples to produce the best possible result from complex data.


Well data conversion:

All data formats including LIS, LAS, DLIS, BIT and LISTIF.


Navigation data conversion:

All data formats including UKOOA, ASCII, EBCIDC and TIF. Using mapping and seismic validations, we produce precise subsets from any form of seismic data to match project requirements. We create subsets based on in-line or crossline ranges, shotpoint ranges, coordinates, polygons, or depth ranges. Our thorough understanding of coordinate systems ensures data integrity in relation to the datum and projections.


Data duplication:

Our data duplication software and hardware facilitate bit-for-bit, direct tape copy, complete duplication, sub-setting and file selection from any media type. We are prepared to duplicate your geophysical data for a second site, joint venture sharing, disaster recovery, risk management initiatives or any other duplication purpose.

  • Bit-for-bit, byte-for-byte duplication
  • Continual 24-hour processing system
  • Quality control and validation including MD5 message digest algorithm for file comparison
  • Detailed reporting and documentation including EBCDIC header and trace processing reports


Data subsetting:

Working with 2D and 3D seismic data sets covering large geographical areas can be difficult to navigate with efficiency. Well-defined subsets simplify analysis activities and reduce time to load and interpret data.


Data recovery:

Ovation has extensive experience and success recovering and preserving data from compromised media. After extensive research into detecting and recovering damaged data, we developed custom equipment and techniques.


Quality control:

After completing data processing, we perform critical validation activities and ensure the output data is clean, correct and useful. Our approach is custom for field data and processed data. Our quality control includes procedures for the tape, and other media, to ensure structural integrity, functionality and correct labeling.

Validation and quality control includes:

  • Tape status report for quality control pass and fail with explanation for deficiencies.
  • Summary report for each output media and file, listing total files and associated details
  • ASCII text file with the EBCDIC header for each SEG-Y file
  • Near trace and shot gathers
  • Detailed written report
  • Set of image files identifying the output media


Data scanning and vectorizing:

We offer high-quality scanning and cataloguing services for observers logs, reports, well logs, seismic sections and maps. A variety of scanning equipment can scan small format and wide format documents of any length to produce output in any standard format. Our optical character recognition (OCR) services improve usability of documents such as tables and core analysis data.

To increase the value of exploration files, we add vector data to the image files of well logs, maps and seismic sections. Vector data is represented as points and lines that are geometrically and mathematically associated. Points are stored using the point coordinates. For example, a two-dimensional point is stored as (x,y). Lines are stored as a series of point pairs such as (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). Point pairs represent the start and end point of a line segment.


Vectorizing maps:

We are experienced with vectorizing shotpoint maps, cartographic data and satellite images. Our processes include correcting existing map data. We provide output in standard ASCII, ARC shape and p/190 files (shotpoint maps).


Vectorizing well logs:

We use our Diplomat Wellman software to perform data vectorizing on digital images of well logs. With our technical knowledge of well log data, we offer manual curve tracking to supplement our software’s automatic curve tracking for difficult logs. Advanced image manipulation routines ensure that the image is optimized for the tracking algorithms. The vectorizing process includes the ability to depth match curves, de-spike sonic curves, splice curves to produce a composite log and other curve manipulation functions. Our well log services include vectorizing dipmeter (tadpole) data, formation tops and lithology columns.


Vectorizing seismic sections:

We reconstruct the SEGY information suitable for reprocessing and loading to interpretation workstations for re-evaluation using modern techniques. Ancillary data such as location information, velocity tables, field statics and elevations can all be incorporated to produce a complete data set. Our processes include:

  • Automatic vectorizing of seismic traces with options for peak tracking with clipped peak interpolation and trough tracking (full waveform vectorizing)
  • Interpolation of trough values if no troughs are displayed
  • Optional trace reconstruction for poor quality displays
  • Basic processing including filtering, mute, automatic gain control (AGC), trace mixing and trace interpolation
  • SEG-Y file editing including full control over EBCDIC header contents, and inserting shotpoint and common midpoint (CMP) numbers
  • Output vectorized data to disk in SEG-Y format
  • Curve capture – vectorize elevations or field statics from seismic scans
  • Velocity tables – capture the stacking velocities from the seismic scans
  • Location data – geo-reference or digitize seismic shotpoint maps and output to UKOOA
  • Re-projection of seismic location data to a specified coordinate system
  • Insert the XY coordinates into the seismic trace headers
  • Data delivery through file transfer protocol (ftp), DVD/CD-ROM or tape

Leave the hard part to us!

Don’t overcomplicate your transcription initiatives. Let us take care of the hard part while you focus on helping your business thrive during the world’s digital transformation.

Transcribe your data

Supported tape technology

Reel, cartridge, cassette - ½-inch

7-track reel tape - 1200 ft., 2400 ft. (200bpi, 256bpi, 512bpi, 800bpi) (read-only)
9-track reel tape - 600 ft., 1200 ft., 2400 ft, 3600ft (800bpi, 1600bpi, 3200bpi, 6250bpi)
14-track reel tape H.D.D.R. - 1200 ft., 2400 ft. (800bpi) (read-only)
3480 tape cartridge - SL, XL, XXL - 180mb, 250mb, 280mb
3490 and 3490E tape cartridge- SL, XL - 650mb, 850mb
3590 and 3590E Magstar MP tape cartridge- 10GB 20GB, 40GB
3590H Magstar MP tape cartridge- 60GB
3592 J1A (GEN 1 Jaguar) tape cartridge - 60G, 300GB
3592 (GEN 2 TS1120) 100, 500GB,700GB
3592JB (GEN 3 TS1130) - 128GB, 640GB, 1TB
3592JC (GEN 4 TS1140) - 1.6TB, 4TB
3592JD (GEN 5 TS1150) - 7TB , 10TB
9490EE cassette tape (pending)
T9940A/B cassette tape (pending B)
T11000 tape cartridge - 500GB (pending)

Cartridge, cassette - ¼-inch, 4mm, 8mm, 19mm

8-mm Exabyte cassette tape - 8200, 8500, 8700
8-mm Mammoth cassette tape - 8900, Mammoth LT
8-mm Mammoth-2 cassette tape - M2 (20GB, 40GB, 60GB)
8-mm AIT cassette - AIT-1 , AIT-2, AIT-3 (100GB), AIT-3Ex (150GB), AIT-4 200GB, AIT-5 (400GB)
8-mm AIT-Turbo cassette - AIT-1Turbo (40GB), AIT-E Turbo (20GB) (pending)
8-mm VXA cassette - VXA-1 33GB (V series tapes), VXA-2 80GB (X series tapes)
8-mm VXA-320 160GB (X series tapes) (pending)
4-mm DAT cassette tape - DDS1, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4
4-mm DAT cassette tape - DDS5 (36GB)
19-mm Sony D1 cassette tape - medium, large

Removable disc, disk, NAS

ALL USB and Firewire (1394) portable drives (Fat32, NTFS, NFS
Storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) drives, Redundant Array of
Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
CD-R(OM), CD-RW Disc - 650MB, 700MB
DD-R(OM), DD-RW (double-density cd) disc - 1.3GB
PD650 rewritable optical disk cartridge - 650MB
DVD-R, DVD+R, , DVD-RW, DVD+RW recordable disc - 3.95GB, 4.7GB
DVD+R DL (double layer) 8.5GB
DVD-RAM Disc- 2.6GB , 5.2GB , 4.7GB, 9.4GB
HD DVD disc - 15GB
Blu-ray DiscTM - 25GB,50GB
UDO disk cartridge - ultra density optical - 30GB (pending)
PDD (Blu-ray) disc, PDD23, BD-ROM, BD-R - 23GB (pending)
3 ½-inch and 5 ¼-inch Floppy Disk - SS, DS, LD and HD

Removable memory - sticks, flash, jump, cards, drives

USB pen drives, flash drive, memory drive - JumpDrive, MicroVault, JetFlashA, DataTraveler
CompactFlash - CF - Types I & II - MicroDrive
Memory Stick - MS
Memory Stick PRO - MS
Multi Media Card - MMC

Other media types

1-inch 21-track reel tape - 1200 ft., 2400 ft. (356bpi, 712bpi) (read-only)
35-mm ICI-1012 terabyte reel optical tape
Analogue tape - TECHNO AM and FM (read-only)

NTCP tape cartridge - 20GB
Redwood SD-3 tape cartridge - small, medium, large
Metrum VHS RSP-2150 (VLDS) cassette tape
DLTtapTM tape cartridge - 2000, 4000, 7000, 8000, DLT1
DLTTM VS Cartridge Tape - DLT1/VS80 (40GB), VS160 (80GB), VS1, DLT-V4 (160GB)
DLT-S4 - (3rd Generation SuperDLT- renaming product line) 800GB
Super DLTtape - SDLT1 (220/320), SLDT2 (600) tape cartridge - 110GB, 160GB, 300GB
TK tape cartridge - TK30*, TK50*, TK70*, TK85, TK87, TK88, TK89 (ComPacTape I, II, III, IIIXT, IV)
Sony DTF cassette tape - GW240S, GW730L
Sony DTF2 cassette tape - GW2-60GS, GW2-200GL (200GB)
Sony SAIT1 and SAIT2 tape cartridge - 500GB, 800GB
LTO / IBM 3580 Ultrium tape cartridge - LTO1 (100GB), LTO2 (200GB)
LTO3, LTO4 (TS2240) tape cartridge - 400GB, 800GB

19-mm Ampex DD2 DST cassette tape - small, medium, large
¼-inch ADR and ADR2 - 15GB, 25GB and 30GB, 60GB, 120GB
¼-inch 3570 Magstar MP B-format tape cartridge
¼-inch 3570 Magstar MP C-format, C-XL Format tape cartridge
¼-inch Cartridge - Mini QIC (including Irwin, Colorado, Travan, DC2xxxs,MC3xxxs)
¼-inch Cartridge - Mini QIC (including Iomega: Ditto Max, Ditto Easy, Ditto)
¼-inch Cartridge - Standard QIC (including DC6xxxs, DC9xxxs, SLR2, SLR3, SLR4, SLR5, SLR24
(SLR6), SLR7)
¼-inch Cartridge - Standard QIC SLR32 (13 GB, MLR1), SLR40, SLR50 (MLR3), SLR60,SLR75, and LR100 and SLR140 (pending)

3 ½-inch High-capacity Floppy Disk - LS-120, LS-240 (SuperDisk) and HiFD-200 MB
3 ½-inch floptical disk - 21MB
3 ½-inch, 5 ¼-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch M.O., WORM, optical disk cartridge - various including
IBM, Plasmon, Sony, H-P, Panasonic
12-inch optical disk cartridge - Philips LMS/Plasmon LMS 4000, 6000, 8000

5 ¼-inch Bernoulli Disk - 44, 90, 105, 150, 230 MB
Iomega JAZ Disk - 1GB,2GB
Iomega PocketZip (Clik!) Disk - 40MB
Iomega ZIP Disk - 100MB, 250MB & 750MB
Syquest disk cartridge - Ezflyer 135 & 230MB, SyJet 1.5GB, SparQ 1GB
3 ½-inch Syquest disk cartridge - SQ310 105MB, SQ327 270MB
5 ¼-inch Syquest disk cartridge - SQ400 44MB, SQ800 88MB, SQ1100 105MB,SQ2000 200MB

Multi Media Card - MMC
Secure Digital Card - SD
SmartMedia - SM (SSFDC)
xD Picture Card - xD
PCMCIA Memory Card - Types I and II
PC hard disk card - Types I and II

Documents - paper, velum film
Drawings - paper, velum film
Punched cards, microfiche, film, paper tape (input only)

The Ovation Method

Our suite of customized solutions provides the full end-to-end data management environment at every stage of the data lifecycle. Liberate and integrate your data effectively with our expert guidance and proprietary technologies. Here is how it works:

Discover Icon

1. Discover

Audit, validate and verify data type and quality. Check entitlements so you can prioritize and evaluate your inventory.

Transcribe Icon

2. Transcribe

Automated methods that allow information of all kinds, in all formats to be intermingled through accessible technology.

Enhance Icon

3. Enhance

Sort, filter and aggregate by using advanced quality control and processing techniques. Interrogate and optimize data for cloud and analytical tools.

Magnifying Glass Icon

4. Analyze

Custom-built systems that apply machine learning & artificial intelligence to accelerate insights and drive innovation.

Connect Icon

5. Connect

A highly secure, scalable, on-demand network that delivers any data anywhere, at anytime.

Protect Icon

6. Preserve

Protect the safety and integrity of your data through secure accessibility. Maintain and preserve the longevity of your digital inventory.

About Ovation Data

Ovation Data is a full-service provider of digital transformation and data repository solutions. It provides secure and scalable data management services and support from basic and complex infrastructure to cloud-based solutions for data transmission, storage, stewardship and loss prevention. For more than 45 years, Ovation Data has securely delivered high-quality, connected, and accurate data that informs clients’ business decisions, optimized with speed and confidence.