NSTA Oil and Gas Compliance

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We keep up to date with NSTA oil and gas compliance regulations so you don’t have to.

Government scrutiny, tight deadlines, and large penalties can make it challenging to meet regulatory requirements without interrupting business operations. Reporting data to the National Data Repository has been a challenging task for busy companies to manage due to time, costs, and resource constraints. Since its crackdown in 2021, the NSTA are taking a much tougher line on companies who fail to report properly. They have added extra accountabilities for reporting with more updates scheduled.

With more than 30 years of expertise in building and managing NDRs, we guarantee accurate, NSTA-compliant data that is ready to use in any database. We specialize in retrieving physical records, validating each record against the NDR and triaging for digitization and upload, storage retention or disposal. Let Ovation take the stress out of reporting to the NSTA!

Let us prepare your data for upload into the NDR ensuring you get it right the first time. Have your data in the required format and delivered to you through digital media or uploaded directly to your NDR database – according to your needs. Let your upgraded data help drive optimal and timely decisions throughout your organization. Get started today.

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