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Strengthening seismic data management through PGS and Ovation collaboration

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Background and Challenge

Seismic data management plays a crucial role in exploration and production (E&P) activities within the rapidly evolving energy sector. Recognizing cloud technology's transformative potential, PGS embarked on a strategic journey to overhaul its seismic data management system. A pivotal aspect of this transformation involved a strategic
partnership with Ovation, a move designed to outsource physical media delivery and storage operations. This partnership has been instrumental in PGS's ability to optimize its operations and focus on its core competencies while leveraging Ovation's expertise in media handling and logistics.

Before the collaboration, PGS faced several challenges related to the storage, management, and delivery of seismic data on physical media. The process was not only capital- and resource-intensive but also less efficient, with longer lead times for data delivery. PGS aimed to transition to a more scalable, flexible, and efficient model by leveraging cloud technologies and minimizing reliance on physical media.

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The Solution

PGS and Ovation entered a partnership with the objective of streamlining PGS’s physical media management operations. Ovation assumed responsibilities for storing, managing, and delivering physical seismic data media, enabling PGS to dedicate resources to the goal of providing high-quality seismic data and analytics through cloud-based solutions.

Enhanced Emphasis on Data Integrity and Redundancy

The collaboration between PGS and Ovation demonstrates an appreciation for the critical importance of data integrity and redundancy and took significant strides to ensure that seismic data management not only meets but exceeds industry standards. While recognizing the move toward cloud-based technologies, PGS also values the essential role of physical media for compliance, backup, and as a reliable fail-safe option. To this end, Ovation's role extends beyond mere logistics; it encompasses the responsibility of safeguarding digital and physical media with stringent security measures and ensures that all data is optimally stored and preserved.

Compliance Through Strategic Management of Physical Media

Acknowledging regulatory mandates that necessitate retention of physical media, the partnership strategically positions PGS to focus on its core competencies while entrusting Ovation with the critical task of managing these physical assets. This division of responsibilities allows PGS to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements without diverting resources from its primary mission of innovating within the seismic data landscape.

Third-Party Expertise for Enhanced Safeguards

By engaging Ovation, a third party with specialized expertise in media handling and logistics, PGS leverages external capabilities to implement robust safeguards for both physical and digital data. Ovation's expertise ensures that all seismic data, regardless of format, is registered and managed according to PGS's stringent standards for data integrity. In addition to enhancing operational efficiency, this partnership also fortifies the data management system’s resilience and reliability against potential threats.

Strategic Focus on Core Competencies

The strategic decision to partner with Ovation accentuates PGS's commitment to focus on its core strategy of developing advanced cloud-based seismic data solutions. This approach reflects a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector’s complex requirements and highlights the necessity to balance innovation with regulatory and operational imperatives.

Results and Benefits

Optimized Resource Allocation

Outsourcing media-related operations to Ovation allows PGS to reallocate resources and focus more intensely on enhancing its cloud-based seismic data offerings.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The partnership enables faster and more reliable delivery of seismic data, improving service levels and customer satisfaction. Clients who still require physical media can receive their data without delays, thanks to Ovation's efficient logistics and distribution networks.

Strategic Focus on Core Competencies

Freed from the logistics of physical media management, PGS can concentrate on its strategic goals of developing cloud-based seismic data solutions and services, thereby providing greater value to the E&P community.


The business relationship between PGS and Ovation demonstrates how strategic partnerships can drive innovation and efficiency in the energy sector. This collaboration has not only facilitated PGS’s transition to a cloud-centric operational model but also underscored the importance of focusing on core competencies while leveraging external expertise for non-core activities. As a result, PGS has set a new benchmark in seismic data management, delivering unparalleled value to its clients and contributing significantly to the advancement of the global energy industry.

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"Partnering with Ovation allowed PGS to focus on innovation in cloud-based seismic solutions, significantly enhancing efficiency and service quality. This collaboration is a cornerstone of our strategy to lead in the global energy sector."

Michael Keaveny

Global Data Library Manager, Multi-Client Digital Services

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